Belzona SF6-FIX

The online solution for SF₆ leaks

Belzona SF6-FIX is a sulphur hexafluoride (SF₆) leak solution that can be applied online, and without specialist tools. This highly effective system can reduce SF₆ leaks to undetectable levels.

With Belzona SF6-FIX, leaks can be quickly and expertly sealed resulting in huge environmental and financial savings. Solvent free and cold applied, Belzona safely seals SF₆ leaks and protects the environment, plus, this durable system of expertly applied specialist materials can be applied in just one day.

Electric Switch Gear Flange with SF₆ Leak.
SF₆ Leakage Sealed with Belzona.


Key Benefits of Belzona SF6-FIX:

  • Online application, minimum downtime
  • Rapid installation, short cure times
  • Can reduce leaks to undetectable levels
  • Removable for joint access
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Why is Stopping SF₆ Leaks So Important?

Despite its utility, SF₆ is incredibly detrimental to the planet. With a warming potential 23,500 times higher than carbon dioxide (CO₂), SF₆ is the most potent greenhouse gas (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, fifth assesment report). This means that even in minute quantities, SF₆ has a disproportionately significant impact on global warming. Worryingly, the Environmental Protection Agency notes that leak detection surveys show approximately 10 percent of circuit breaker populations leak and, 85% of these leaks are releasing enough of this dangerous gas to be considered significant. Frequent leaks of such a potent greenhouse gas have become a serious contributing factor to global warming. Belzona SF6-FIX offers an effective, long-term solution which prevents environmental damage.

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